Conservation Educator Academy

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Read these files to help you learn about teaching science as inquiry


Elements of Inquiry - NRC, 2000

Inquiring Scientists Want to Know - Colburn, 2004

Simplifying Inquiry Instruction - Bell et al, 2005

Planning Instruction for the NGSS (Krajcik et al, 2014)

The 5E Model of Instruction - BSCS, 2005

Assessment Strategies for Inquiry-Centered Science - Heln and Price, 1994

Assessment and the 5E Model - Abell & Volkmann, 2006



Download these presentations from Dr. Tom and from our guest speakers

CEA Overview

Defining Inquiry

Little River Wetland Project

Observation Task

Indy Wildlife Watch - Butler's camera trap monitoring project.

Assessments and Activities - slides to help plan lessons

Indiana Wildlife Federation - slides from Aaron Stump's presentation

Observation Discussion - slides from the final day



Download these templates to help you plan your inquiry lesson.


Lesson Plan Template

"My Inquiry Journal"

Observation Data Table Templates


Click the links to visit sites that will support your learning and lesson planning


2018 Google Drive - for sharing files

Ohio Bee Identification Guide - PDF to help you identify bees!

Bug Guide - Native Bees of North America - a useful guide to bee families

USDA Guide to Bees - PDF format

Great Pollinator Project - Bee types

Little River Wetland Project at Eagle Marsh, Fort Wayne, IN


Bug Suckers and other related tools!

Nature Bound Bug Vacuum (Target)

Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum (The tool of choice at Oakland University) 

Wild Adventure Lazer Bug Sucker (Dr. McConnell's favorite model!)

One last "Bug Sucker" - Oh, wait! This is completely different!



CEA 2017 Google Drive

Indiana Academic Standards - Science and Computer Science (2016)

Next Generation Science Standards (2013)

The Ara Project - parrots and macaws

Cerulean Warbler Research Lab (Dr. Islam)

Conservation Tales books

The Great Backyard Bird Count

eBird - international bird database

Merlin Bird ID app

The LoCATor tracking device

Guests' Presentations

These files are copies of presentations from
guest speakers at the CEA

Cerulean Warbler Research Lab - see the Google Drive link above